Welcome to 4 Gone Ranch

4 Gone Ranch Consignments to the
2016 Hill Country Sale
We look forward to seeing everyone at Rick and Tracey's sale
Sept 9-10th in Fredericksburg.
**For additional sale information and directions, go to riverranchlonghorns.com**

Crisp Ritz-Lot 119
****Confirmed bred to 4G Lonesome****

Sire- Crisp Respect
Dam- RJF Puttin' on the Ritz
Bull calf at side sired by WF Lamborghini, born 4/8/16
Exposed to 4G Lonesome 6/15/16 to sale date

Sweet Hammer-Lot 56
****Confirmed bred to 4G Lonesome****

Sire- Sledgehammer
Dam- Southern Bitter Sweet
Bull calf at side sired by WF Lamborghini born 6/1/2016
Exposed to 4G Lonesome 6/15/16-sale date

4G Lonesome-Service sire to both consignments:
Exposed to Crisp Ritz and Sweet Hammer from 6/15/16 to sale date.

Sire-Hunts High Lonesome
Dam-KC Valeenta

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